Le mod Pokémon pour Palword est déjà là, inévitablement.

Palworld is a crafting and survival game dubbed “Pokémon with guns”. It features monsters called Pals, [some of which people claim are “Pokémon rip-offs”](https://www.ign.com/articles/palworld-pokemon-devs-fans) . The developer of Palworld, Pocketpair, insists that Palworld is more akin to crafting and survival games like Ark Survival Evolved and Valheim than Pokémon, but not everyone seems convinced. Toasted took to Twitter to tease the mod with a clip showing Ash Ketchum, from Pokémon, replacing the player character, as well as famous Pokémon such as Pikachu replacing the Pals in Palworld. The first boss fight is against Jessie from Team Rocket. Palworld already has a Pokemon mod— Toasted (@ToastedShoes)
Full video on my YouTube tomorrow!
[pic.twitter.com/X1ohT6mJiT] [January 22, 2024]

Toasted is famous for creating attention-grabbing mods. Toasted plans to release a video showcasing the Palworld mod tomorrow, January 23. However, some are already wondering if Pocketpair will intervene to avoid facing the wrath of Nintendo, who generally frowns upon fan projects and mods. In the meantime, Toasted’s Palworld mod may offer a glimpse of what an official hyper-violent Pokémon game could look like, even though Nintendo has no plans to give the green light to such a title. Palworld mods are still in their early stages, of course, but there are already quite a few on NexusMods. [The most popular Palworld mod](http://www.nexusmods.com/palworld/mods/2), created by KiiiNo, adds a Ghibli-style color palette to the game. *Image: Twitter / X @ToastedShoes*

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