Oh non, c’est horrible : les humains peuvent être capturés dans Palworld

Palworld is a game that bears striking similarities to Pokémon, offering players the ability to explore the world and capture small creatures along the way. However, Palworld takes this concept further by allowing players to put their captured creatures to work in their base, and even cook and consume them when they are no longer needed.

Surprisingly, Palworld also allows players to capture human NPCs, which comes with its own set of controversies. While the game frowns upon the act of capturing humans, it does allow players to do so and make them perform various tasks as well as engage in battles. Furthermore, players even have the option to sell captured humans on the black market, a notion that has sparked considerable backlash.

The game has elicited strong reactions from the gaming community, with some expressing shock and dismay at the disturbing feature of capturing and selling humans in the game. However, one source has pointed out that the humans’ utility is limited, making the practice ethically objectionable and largely pointless.

Ultimately, despite some players expressing positive sentiments towards the ability to capture and sell humans in Palworld, the overall reception to this aspect of the game has been overwhelmingly negative. The ethical implications and the real-world parallels have sparked a significant degree of concern and condemnation, raising serious questions about the game’s moral compass.

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