Children of the Sun: Announcement and Demo for a Strange Sniper Game

This third-person shooter, set to release this year on PC, is presented as a sort of puzzle-game: the heroine moves on a rail around a small open space to scan the environment and decide what to do next. She can only fire a single bullet, which the player then controls to achieve slow-motion kills in a Sniper Elite style. In terms of the storyline, it is known that the player embodies “THE GIRL” on a quest for vengeance against “THE CULT” and its ruthless leader, “THE LEADER”. A mix of Killer 7 and Hitman in terms of gameplay, Children of the Sun draws more inspiration from the former in its universe, with a deranged world served by a gritty artistic direction, which seems practical both for setting the mood and for diluting some rather evident technical shortcomings.

The cutscenes are short and pixelated, and the colors are bold: Devolver’s new strangeness has a style all its own. A slave to video games for 40 years, it only escapes occasionally to lament its defeats on Twitter.

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