Hideo Kojima returns to the stealth genre for a PlayStation game – State of Play 2024

Sure thing! Here’s the revised text:

Snake ?

! Oh no…

The details are scarce (we don’t have a name yet), but during the show, Kojima stated that this project was a new intellectual property and described it as both a film and a game. “Of course, it’s an interactive game,” said Kojima, “but it’s also a film.”

Production is set to start “seriously” at Kojima Productions and in partnership with Sony, hinting at a release on PlayStation 5. During the State of Play conference, Kojima expressed confidence that this new game “will be the culmination of my work,” adding, “We hope to transcend the barriers between cinema and video games.”

This is one of the many projects Kojima and his studio are working on. The latter is a new game in collaboration with Xbox Game Studios, with actress Hunter Schafer and filmmaker Jordan Peele attached to the project.

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