Sylvester Stallone Pays Touching Tribute to Carl Weathers

Stallone stood in front a painting of the two fighters in the final scene of Rocky III and described Weathers as “magical.” He declared, “We lost a legend yesterday.”

Stallone, visibly moved, said, “Hello everyone. Today is an incredibly sad day for me.

I am so torn up I can’t even tell you because Carl Weathers was an integral part of my life, my success…everything I’ve experienced. I give him incredible credit… because when he walked into that room and I saw him for the first time, I saw greatness, but I didn’t realize how much.

I never could have achieved what we did with Rocky without him. He was absolutely amazing.

His voice, his stature, his power, his athletic abilities, but most of all his heart, his soul.” Fans responded by posting gifs of the two characters from the film, including their famous training scenes in Rocky III, as well as their condolences.

In the Rocky movies, Weathers portrays Apollo Creed, who is Rocky Balboa’s friend, trainer, and rival throughout much of the series. Weathers’ energy contrasts with Stallone’s silent concentration, forming the emotional core of much of the franchise.

Stallone described Weathers’ death as a “terrible loss.” “I stand here in front of this painting because it’s probably the last moment we stepped into the ring together and I will never forget it,” said Stallone.

“He was magical and I was fortunate to be part of his life. So, Apollo, keep on punching.”

*Slave to the video game for 40 years, he only occasionally escapes to mourn his defeats on Twitter. *

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