The remake of Silent Hill 2 resurfaces with a trailer but no release date – State of Play 2024

Silent Hill 2 was showcased during the State of Play this Wednesday, but unfortunately without a release date. The new trailer revealed exclusive gameplay as part of today’s State of Play presentation. A 2024 release date is not entirely surprising, as Sony prematurely announced earlier this month in a trailer that Silent Hill 2 Remake, along with other games such as Rise of the Ronin and Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater, were all set to release this year on the PS5. Blooper Team first announced the remake of Silent Hill 2 in 2022.

Following this announcement, Blooper Team confirmed that the gameplay would be updated, but the development team would not make any changes to the story. “We are focusing on bringing back the distinctive and visceral atmosphere in this modernized Silent Hill 2,” said Anna Jasińska, Blooper Team’s marketing manager, in an interview with Dread XP in January 2023. After the announcement, Silent Hill 2 largely disappeared from the public scene, causing dismay among fans. Bloober Team stated that they were focusing on the mass market while refuting claims that the remake would feature the original story of Pyramid Head.

Silent Hill 2 was released in 2001 on the PlayStation 2 and is often considered one of the best horror games ever made and one of the best games released on Sony’s sixth generation of gaming consoles. However, the game eventually launched on the original Xbox and PC. For more, discover everything that was announced during today’s State of Play presentation. A slave to video games for 40 years, he only escapes occasionally to cry over his defeats on Twitter.

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