We tested the new mobile basketball game “NBA Infinite”

The game is developed in partnership by Level Infinite and Lightspeed Studios. The latter are well accustomed to mobile games and even very big mobile games since they are the architects of PUBG Mobile. Our national Rudy Gobert, 3 times DPOY (Defensive Player of the Year), is one of the project’s main figures and his teammate at the Minnesota Timberwolves, Karl Anthony Towns, is even the Cover Athlete. Other stars contribute to the project such as De’Aaron Fox, RJ Barrett, Tobias Harris, Jrue Holiday, and Andrew Wiggins.

But the entire league is licensed and therefore present. Even NBA 2K does not offer commentary in French. We already have an excellent NBA 2K mobile, so why this new proposal from the NBA? And although we have seen traces of virtual currency here and there, the MTX seemed disabled during our test sessions.

However, the present devs confirmed that no game mode would be greyed out or blocked behind a paywall. Everything is available for free. It is simply the improvement of player cards that will probably be accelerated by the use of virtual currency. But one can still grind to improve their cards through sweat of their finger and not their credit card.

A well-known Gacha aspect for mobile players with a repool that allows for player improvement. The devs also mentioned a Market Place that allows for player purchases. We could not see it for ourselves, and we are not yet sure about the form this market will take, but according to the system presentation, it seems to be heading towards a player-to-player sales platform like FUT. For example, one can add real coach cards to their roster to maximize the performance of their player cards.

One would almost forget about these card stories. The game is rather beautiful (we tested it on an iPhone 14 pro), but the dribble animations are still very rigid when compared to NBA 2K, and the overall slowness of the game does not help. However, the dribbling, crossover, and shooting systems are quite enjoyable. Defense demands a lot of concentration and training, and the first 1v1 against a human will be catastrophic.

The one with the ball will almost always score because the defender will always be late. However, after a few hours of play, one begins to understand and defend a little more seriously. NBA Infinite also offers other modes that allow it to emancipate from simple PvP for try harding; for example, we had a lot of fun in the three-point contest.

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