A demo for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is on the horizon

PlayStation Game Size suggests that there would also be some sort of save transfer at play. Square Enix usually releases demos for upcoming Final Fantasy games, of course, and the arrival of this demo seems to be a safe bet. titleIdForTransferring— PlayStation Game Size (@PlaystationSize)

So, Save Transfer [February 1, 2024]
And when will the demo be available? It looks like the demo will be launched at the same time.

? FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH— PlayStation Game Size (@PlaystationSize)
– ? ??????? ?

??? : 145.250 GB
– ? ?????? : 1.001.000
– ?

??????? ? ?????? Picking up right after the events of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Rebirth follows Cloud and his friends as they leave Midgar and venture into the vast world.

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