Vincent and Cid will not appear in the battles of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

None of the two characters will be present during the fights. They will not really be involved in your battle. In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Red XIII was a “guest” character and his actions in combat were handled by AI rather than the player.

“They will appear in various parts of the story and in scenarios where they will play a role, help you, or assist you in some way, but they will not fight as guest characters in that sense,” Hamaguci said. “If we had used all the playable characters in the second installment, we would have lost many new surprises and experiences for the player in the third game,” Hamaguci explained. Even if they do not appear in the fights, Cid and Vincent will remain important NPCs in the Rebirth story.

“We deepen their characters,” Hamaguci assures. “Not through the combat system, but through side quests where they will be the center of attention and where you will learn much more about these characters.” Even if we won’t see Cid jumping into the air to trigger the Hyper Jump, or Vincent transforming into a variety of bizarre monsters, it’s good to know that they are still major elements of this second chapter.

As the release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth looms on the horizon, we are receiving a wave of news about the approach of the game that will reinvent the original.

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